Customize your AQtion EXPERIENCE using an in-game menu with DMC's PRO ADDON

Download the pro addon today

enhance your aqtion experience

Similar to AQ2PRO, this add-on from DMC gives you fine control over on-screen elements, audio effects, crosshairs and scopes and provides you with additional bindings for weapons and Jump mod. Customize your AQtion experience to get the most out of the game!

  • show map name on screen
  • show framerate on screen
  • select between 10 different HUD numbers
  • select between 8 different HUD icons sets
  • select between 3 different fonts, each in green and yellow variants
  • set desired map sky
  • show current kill streak on screen
  • set custom radio team messages and its bindings
  • use hit sounds
  • select between 10 different crosshairs
  • set selected crosshair's color
  • select between 20 different sniper scopes
  • set advanced weapon bindings
  • set Jump mod bindings

How to activate AQ2PRO

  1. DOWNLOAD the addon
  2. Save the PKZ file beside the others in your AQtion install*
  3. Launch the game

*If you have trouble locating the folder you can locate it using Steam client using these steps:

  1. Click the MANAGE button
  3. Click the LOCAL FILES tab
  4. Click the BROWSE button
  5. Find the PKZ

In the main menu

Select Optional Addons

Select AQ2PRO

Select YES to activate

AQ2PRO will be enabled and you can access options through:
main menu -> Optional addons -> AQ2PRO

How to deactivate AQ2PRO

In the AQ2PRO ADDON menu

Select Disable AQ2Pro

Select yes, disable..

Select YES to deactivate

The game will close, upon next launch the addon will be deactivated